Session 14

The Outlands

  • Go to Xaos
  • Meet the Derrow Yalza
  • Gamli almost gets roasted
  • Start heading towards Sigil
  • Ander starts to feel sick because lack of magic.
  • Encounter Deva having problems with Otyughs taking her amulet.
  • Help her out.
  • Deva starts to distrust party.
  • Scans them, and goes to scan Derrow alone.
  • Feathers everywhere. Derrow picking his teeth.
  • Derrow pops out, party gets mad at Rezor.
  • Interrogate Rezor, he escapes.
  • Party makes it to Sigil, gets the key and leaves.
  • Find Alton back in Silverbird.


jakiboy98 jakiboy98

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