Session 22

Intium et Finis

  • Battle with Namfoodle
  • Break all the gates freeing the army
  • Althrain revealed himself as Rezor to Ander and dueled him, knocking him unconscious
  • The army advances on Gardway but is attacked by Ragor. Tim summons a giant Earth Elemental.
  • A soldier warns the party about Althrain. Zant and Gamli run to save Ander.
  • Vernaux gets into the palace and soon finds his father.
  • Zant and Gamli are able to save Ander from a ritual. Gamli casts Gate to bring Althrain back.
  • Ander turns into his true form destroying the mansion.
  • Ragor sees him, and goes to attack him. Tim and the Earth Elemental follow.
  • Althrain tries to stop him, but is killed by Zant from behind.
  • Vernaux talks with his dad and sheathes his swords.
  • Ragor battles with Rogar, destroying the mesa underneath them.
  • Zant and Gamli meet some old friends from the mafia.
  • Vernaux is told to call off his armies. He says one word to his father. Aegis.
  • Zant and Gamli work together to take down Zant’s uncle.
  • Rogar barely defeats Ragor, and flies off.
  • Vernaux duels his father and wins.
  • Zant and Gamli see Vernaux right as the mesa cracks. Gamli casts holy aura to protect them.
  • The falling mesa breaks into a thousand pieces. Zant and Gamli are knocked unconscious and are nursed back to health by Vernaux.
  • They find the dagger that gave people the plague. Vernaux cuts himself once, then twice with the dagger, giving him the disease and then taking it away. Gamli then teleports him to Requia where he is able to save her.


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