Who better to tell us about Ander then Ander?


Hey Ander


Would you mind telling us a little about yourself?

“Not at all”

Player: You bet I am

Campaign: I think my twilight campaign is easy to explain

Level: I am on the level

Race: I don’t like running

Class: I have more class then the rest of this party

Background: I am the entertainer

Alignment: I like to think that I am an equal opportunity provider for chaos

Current XP: OVER 9000!!!

Size: I’m not answering that, it’s offensive

Gender: 100% Mamale

Age: That’s private

Height: It varies . . .

Weight: Seriously stop prying

Eyes: See babies cry, “eye” watch them grow?

Skin: That’s racist

Hair: No I don’t have one

Err that’s nice Ander, Maybe you could sing a song about yourself for us?

“Well I suppose I had nothing better to do today anyway . . .”

Ander likes Hampters
Ander likes Honey

Ander likes Toothpaste
Ander likes Money

Ander likes Face paint
Ander likes Pylers

Ander likes Bowling
Ander likes Cartwheels
Ander likes Fire

Well folks that Ander for ya

“Wait I have another song”

I think were good Ander

“It’s way better”

No thanks

“You’ll pay for this”

What was that?

“Nothing . . .”

Okay then, Well I hope you all enjoyed this charter exploration of Ander . . .

“. . . The Magnificent”

Wait what?


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