Herbie (True name: Aaraukil)

Quasit (demon) Proof that good fiends can exist, though few


Herbie is the familar to the wizard Tim He usually takes the form of a toad, but in dire situations will transform into Quasit form. Herbie somehow through slim chance remained good after his soul fell to the abyss.

Herbie (his name in life, though he went by Herb) sold his soul in a desperate attempt to save his wife from near death, although his wife was saved, he had been tricked and his soul was ripped right from his body (the fiend whom he bargained with did not wait until Herbs eventual death) on the journey to the abyss the fiend he had bargained with was slain while it was distracted awaiting its prize, so his soul was free from rule, but not from the abyss. The demon had prepared to elevate the new soul as a spy (this was merely a Glabrezru who was building a small force of soldiers, and lacked power to elevate much higher) so a quasit was a perfect fit. A newly spawned quasit who retained his old memory of life prayed to Pelor for freedom, hearing his prayer and seeing a good heart the great being took him to the material realm to live. Many years later, Herbie had met up with a young gnome, the gnome sensed that the toad he played with was not a toad at all, but when he used the local cleric to destroy the demon, the cleric noticed the mark of Pelor upon it. Herbie and Tim forged a pact, in which Herbie would protect the lad.


Herbie (True name: Aaraukil)

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