Rezor Enteneri (Keltar Smoak)

Once a petty thief as a child, now the greatest thief of Arla. He is fast and charismatic. His methods are unknown, but feats are legendary. He leaves even the best of security confused as great arts and gems are lost.


The quick and persuasive Rezor bound only by his word. Systematically bringing himself to the top of power.


Keltar Smoak, an orphan of Silver mesa, took petty theft to support himself. He “found” a gem stone, and saw something new, something… beautiful. Taken in by a wizard as an assistant, the wizards blind kindness gave the opportunity for Keltar learn and summon a Balrog of recent power, even using the wizards blood for the ritual.

An pact, power for service, mutual need. Was born by fire.

Later the reborn Rezor Enteneri, stole great art and gems of great worth with ease, powers hid by skill.

Rezor Enteneri (Keltar Smoak)

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