A short gnome who rides a goat. Is part of the Goats of Glory. Has a rivalry with Namfoodle, but was friends with him before.


Tim is from the village cabbic, on the cabbage mountain, where the magical mountain goat lives eating mystical mountain cabbage. The gnome village sports mushroom houses and fancy gnome clothes. Tim is part of the goats of glory, a group of all classes that travel the world protecting virtues of the mountain. Tim’s best friend and arch-nemisis is Namfoodle Gerbo Warryen Fnipper Cloak Cabbic. Tim has a (chaotic good) Quasit named Herbie as a familar. His favorite magic: illusions.

Tim studied into alchemy and magical brewery. But some time ago Tim found a diary in a ancient temple hidden behind some rocks, the diary was written in an unknown language by every professor he went to, even spells could not translate the text. Tim studied the language and eventually became fluent (primadoral). Tim speaks that language when ever he wants to say something, but have nobody understand it (usually insults)

upon leaving Cabbic, Tim was given a vial of an unknown kind of dragons blood.




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