Zant Marjora

The Rogue That is looking for a better life


He is careful. He is not a rogue that looks for more trouble than needed. He typically uses his Longbow cough bomb arrows cough, but at times will use daggers. He is mostly dexterous, but is known to be creative in the field of battle. (Dex and Int based). He thinks up what ever he can do in the the situation and likes to try the best method, whether by destruction or by steathing.


Zant’s life started out with him having lots of fun and generally getting what he wanted. What he didn’t realize was that he was raised by “the bad guys”. Zant’s family was the basic mafia. They didn’t have anyone mess with them. After the recent prohibition, they have been illegally selling booze to their “connections”. Zant was right in the middle of all of this. His father was the crime lord. His father and mother raised him well they loved him and always had high expectations. He was the heir to all of the mafia. Now at the time he just thought his dad was a sort of company owner. This went on for awhile for about when he was 5-15. After all of the meetings he went to with his dad that sounded like fighting got a little bit suspicious. So he planed to go look at some of their local warehouses and factories. What he found surprised him. In the warehouses guns, in the factories booze! At this time he realized what this all meant. It took him a while to figure out what to do. But, he thought that if he used his skills he could run away and explore his possibilities. Eventually he found a good time to leave, took his chance and left to run away from the horror (He was 17 at this time). This caused problems, he was the heir, he had so much potential, what will we do. At that time the Captain (general guy) of the mafia, set up a plan to kill the son and get honored and presented with higher authority. (Kill him claim he tried to save him and get a really high promotion). By now there are two forces the crime lords minions that are peaceful, but mean to bring him home. And the captain’s troops that set out to spy report and kill.

Zant does know about all of this from his uncle that left the mafia when he was older. Zant now is trying to steer away from his past life and make himself a better person.

Extras: Zant is known for being creative, whether by strategy or coming up with random crap. He also enjoys exploring and mapping dungeons, temples, etc. He gets along with most people and is trying to find a better purpose than drugs, money, and power.

P.S. looks similar to the picture

Zant Marjora

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