Session 2
A newcomer joins the party

The session began with Zant, Darryl and Ander, in attendance today. They were walking down Valhalla street, when they were attacked from behind by the Mafia.The Mafia shot bullets into the crowd in an attempt to bring down Zant. After narrowly missing Zant, and the rest of the party the party returned fire. Darry utilized a dagger that he would keep throwing at enemies to kill them. Zant ran around a corner to hide, and then would come out to fire with his bow. Ander was nearly brought down by gunfire and made it out through sheer luck. The party was in serious trouble until a mysterious figure, in full plate armor ran down the street, and started attacking the bandit’s from behind. He blocked a bullet making it slide across his sword before he threw one bandit into the busy street killing him by way of car. He was then assaulted by the rest of the group. After targeting a car, and a thug with Faerie Fire he then launched a blast of fire at the car. The explosion tore through the thugs, leaving only the mysterious figure, and one thug remaining. He was quickly felled by a well placed blade. The total kill count was 9 thugs, and 4 civilians killed in the cross fire. The mysterious figure then introduced himself as Vernaux.

Soon after the gunshot died down, a group of constables came to the scene. They quickly asked the party what happened but received no useful information. The lead constable Grady asked another bystander, someone who happened to help in the fight, and found out the true story. He turned to chastise the party for lying to an officer, and was red in the face for the danger these people put the city in. Before he could talk however a noble stepped up, and stopped the constable. He said that he could handle the party. The constable turned down the street muttering curses under his breath, about the injustice of it all.

The man turned to the party and introduced himself as Lord Ferreth Fletchridge. He began by saying how skilled the party was for defending them against the criminals. He then offered them a business proposition in exchange for 50 Gold and then some. He asked the party to go to Red Canyon and collect some special crystal for him, up to 10 Gold for a single ounce. The party accepted, and was then approached by Tim. He was pale in his face, and had a message from Namfoodle telling him where his goat was.

His goat was located in the old Nocklin prison on 420 avenue, which was shut down because of how expensive the prison was. They went inside and found a record player waiting for them. When played it went into a speech from Namfoodle about how foolish it was to be obsessed with the goats. He also explained why he took his goat, telling him about the revolutionaries that are known as the Faceless. He told them he needed the goat so that he could join the ranks of Faceless. He finished off by telling him the goat was fine and was in cell 231. When found the goat had 4 new mechanical limbs. The goat was uneasy on them but had a new ability. If you press the goat down his legs will push back giving him a bounce effect. Ander found this very funny, and repeatedly pushed the goat down to watch him spring back several times.

The party then went to an inn in the city to prepare for the next day. Ander went down to the tavern and started off a trick, where he burned the hat off of a man without even singing his head. (He was bald to begin with though). After this he told the folk tale of the Infinite Road.

In the morning the party went to the doughnut shop known as “Orken O’s”. The party ordered 1 Gold’s worth of doughnuts (1 of them being the "Orken O’s specialty Severed Infant Head, a delicious jelly filled doughnut), and then set their sights on the railway. On the way to Red Canyon Zant decided to get on top of the train, to enjoy the wind. However he saw some bandit’s drilling something into the back caboose. Zant decided to do a tumble, and ended up making such a fool of himself that the bandit’s thought he was drunk. He then picked off one of them with his bow. The bandit’s quickly went into action attacking Zant with their pistols and running for cover inside the train. The gunshots brought the other’s along curious as to what the commotion was. Zant went charging down the train but fell off the side and was barely able to catch a side window. The bandit went inside the car and grabbed a hostage. Ander then went up and told the bandit that his safety was on, confused the bandit checked his pistol, only to be stabbed by a flying dagger from Darryl.

In the next car over the bandit had pushed a large, and heavy box over the back railing and was preparing to leap from the banister with a glider attached to his back. A crossbow bolt from Vernaux shocked the bandit and made him jump hastily, causing him to fall to the ground. But as the train rumbled on, he could see the bandit getting up in the distance.

Once they got to Red Canyon they took a stop in the tourist shop known as the Shaq. This small shop hold’s one of the most knowledgable people in the country about the Red Canyon. He is a small 4’9" human who is a very fast talker, and is an absolute enthusiast about the canyon. Once someone talks to him about the canyon, it is quite hard for him to stop. This kid’s name is Dean. His boss Cleve, runs the Shaq and keeps an eye on Dean. Dean told the party about the location of the Crystal Cavern, and about some of the locals in the area, particularly Edlara, the blue dragon. After this Ander had an argument about Cyclop’s laying eggs with Dean, and Dean barely knew what to say.

After receiving all of the information they need they hop into the canyon much to an officer’s discontent. As the officer is contemplating whether to chase them down or not Ander begins talking about collecting Cyclop’s Eggs. The guard is so surprised about it, that he doesn’t follow the party into the canyon.

Walking around the canyon they soon discovered some Cyclop’s tribes. However they were in the distance and choose not to bother the adventurers. They continued to walk until they came across a talking skull. It spoke a language none of them understood, and was soon thrown into the river for being annoying. Soon after this, 2 men in loincloth’s and wearing some skull masks came up to the party to shoo them away. They did not mean to harm anyone, just to scare. These men spoke the same language as the skull. Ander decided to befriend these men, and went up to one and said “Me Ander, You SkullMan” while pointing at himself, and at the man. The man repeated after him saying “A-a-under… Skull-mon”. After this exchange they went separate ways, already seeming to be friends.

Dusk came, and the party decided to march through the darkness rather than set up camp. The march continued and the night proved to be quite a scare. Vernaux’s plate armor could be heard throughout the canyon, and the Cyclop’s decided to come after them. The party heard booming noises as the Cyclops bounded across the landscape. However a bright flash of lightning shot through the air, killing all of the Cyclop’s in one brief strike. If you were looking at the origin of the strike, you would see a serpentine head that belonged to a behir. The behir then dragged its smoking prey away, through the dark of the night. The party didn’t move for a solid 5 minutes.

Morning arrived and the party finally got to the Crystal Cavern as marked on the map Dean gave them. Right before they went in though, a massive blue dragon known as Edlara landed before them. It asked the party some questions, especially pertaining to their stupidity for traveling through the night, and doing that while wearing plate armor. Darryl however offered her a gift of 50 Gold Pieces, and as a result of this, Edlara said she would hunt in the surrounding area driving off any creatures as a result of her presence. She then flew away. The party then turned to look at a dark cave, filled with glittering crystal’s.

Session 1
The Beginning

The adventurers began in the city of Hwen. They were walking through town and decided to stay. They entered the inn and got a room. Here Ander began to play a song for the people of Hwen. Tim and Zant went to explore and saw a cave in the backyard of the Mapeens. They paid for the service of visiting the cave, and saw some rats in there. They killed the rats, because they were getting territorial, and then started searching the cave for gems. When a gem was found they tried to excavate it, until the structural integrity of the cave had them stop.

They then went to cut down a tree, and the Sheriff came over and asked them what they were doing. They told him the tree had a terrible disease and had to be cut down. The gullible Sheriff decided to help them. They then took the tree to the cave where Tim then blew up the cave with the spell Thunderwave. The party then heard about some Stirge in the north. They lured the Stirge into the area, by killing a rabbit, and rubbing its corpse across a tree. The Stirge came to investigate and started to eat the rabbit. Zant alerted some Stirge to his presence and was attacked by the Stirge, which started the battle. Zant dropped and was saved by Tim. After the Stirge were defeated, they went back to the town, and were regarded as heroes, for exterminating the Stirge.

Zant was revived and they left the town the next, heading toward Silver Mesa City, where Tim could get his magical license. Tim, while waiting in line, decided to speed up the line, by showing the guy in front an illusory devil. The man proclaimed that there was a devil behind the secretary and began to jump over the table to get it. He was promptly escorted to the Mental Rehabilitation center. While Tim was getting his license, Zant and Ander decided to participate in gladiatorial combat. They were beaten out and the winner of that preliminary round was Belmun Torram.

Ander then decided to purchase some bagpipes from Mr. Marashan at Marashan Instruments. He didn’t have enough to purchase the Bagpipes so he closeed the curtains and cast the light cantrip while saying “may I interest you in some black market magic”. Mr. Marashan pulled a pistol out and told him to get out. Using Vicious Mockery Ander insulted him while dodging bullets.

After the shop had been wrecked, Mr. Marashan attempted to run and get the police. Ander tried to stop him with a Fire Bolt shot in front of him, and managed to set the whole shop on fire. Mr. Marashan shot a window out, and got the officers, while Ander slipped into the back alleyway to change his clothes. He walked into the street where Marashan was being interrogated and used Prestidigitation to cause Mr. Marashans breath to smell like alcohol. He was then escorted to the police station.

While everyone was out, Tim’s goat, which was on the street, was taken. Ander looked into this, hiring the thief boy Mogabur to scout out some information for 60 Silvers. They discovered that Namfoodle Cabbic was behind the abduction, but they don’t know where he is.


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