Session 1
The Beginning

The adventurers began in the city of Hwen. They were walking through town and decided to stay. They entered the inn and got a room. Here Ander began to play a song for the people of Hwen. Tim and Zant went to explore and saw a cave in the backyard of the Mapeens. They paid for the service of visiting the cave, and saw some rats in there. They killed the rats, because they were getting territorial, and then started searching the cave for gems. When a gem was found they tried to excavate it, until the structural integrity of the cave had them stop.

They then went to cut down a tree, and the Sheriff came over and asked them what they were doing. They told him the tree had a terrible disease and had to be cut down. The gullible Sheriff decided to help them. They then took the tree to the cave where Tim then blew up the cave with the spell Thunderwave. The party then heard about some Stirge in the north. They lured the Stirge into the area, by killing a rabbit, and rubbing its corpse across a tree. The Stirge came to investigate and started to eat the rabbit. Zant alerted some Stirge to his presence and was attacked by the Stirge, which started the battle. Zant dropped and was saved by Tim. After the Stirge were defeated, they went back to the town, and were regarded as heroes, for exterminating the Stirge.

Zant was revived and they left the town the next, heading toward Silver Mesa City, where Tim could get his magical license. Tim, while waiting in line, decided to speed up the line, by showing the guy in front an illusory devil. The man proclaimed that there was a devil behind the secretary and began to jump over the table to get it. He was promptly escorted to the Mental Rehabilitation center. While Tim was getting his license, Zant and Ander decided to participate in gladiatorial combat. They were beaten out and the winner of that preliminary round was Belmun Torram.

Ander then decided to purchase some bagpipes from Mr. Marashan at Marashan Instruments. He didn’t have enough to purchase the Bagpipes so he closeed the curtains and cast the light cantrip while saying “may I interest you in some black market magic”. Mr. Marashan pulled a pistol out and told him to get out. Using Vicious Mockery Ander insulted him while dodging bullets.

After the shop had been wrecked, Mr. Marashan attempted to run and get the police. Ander tried to stop him with a Fire Bolt shot in front of him, and managed to set the whole shop on fire. Mr. Marashan shot a window out, and got the officers, while Ander slipped into the back alleyway to change his clothes. He walked into the street where Marashan was being interrogated and used Prestidigitation to cause Mr. Marashans breath to smell like alcohol. He was then escorted to the police station.

While everyone was out, Tim’s goat, which was on the street, was taken. Ander looked into this, hiring the thief boy Mogabur to scout out some information for 60 Silvers. They discovered that Namfoodle Cabbic was behind the abduction, but they don’t know where he is.

Session 2
A newcomer joins the party

The session began with Zant, Darryl and Ander, in attendance today. They were walking down Valhalla street, when they were attacked from behind by the Mafia.The Mafia shot bullets into the crowd in an attempt to bring down Zant. After narrowly missing Zant, and the rest of the party the party returned fire. Darry utilized a dagger that he would keep throwing at enemies to kill them. Zant ran around a corner to hide, and then would come out to fire with his bow. Ander was nearly brought down by gunfire and made it out through sheer luck. The party was in serious trouble until a mysterious figure, in full plate armor ran down the street, and started attacking the bandit’s from behind. He blocked a bullet making it slide across his sword before he threw one bandit into the busy street killing him by way of car. He was then assaulted by the rest of the group. After targeting a car, and a thug with Faerie Fire he then launched a blast of fire at the car. The explosion tore through the thugs, leaving only the mysterious figure, and one thug remaining. He was quickly felled by a well placed blade. The total kill count was 9 thugs, and 4 civilians killed in the cross fire. The mysterious figure then introduced himself as Vernaux.

Soon after the gunshot died down, a group of constables came to the scene. They quickly asked the party what happened but received no useful information. The lead constable Grady asked another bystander, someone who happened to help in the fight, and found out the true story. He turned to chastise the party for lying to an officer, and was red in the face for the danger these people put the city in. Before he could talk however a noble stepped up, and stopped the constable. He said that he could handle the party. The constable turned down the street muttering curses under his breath, about the injustice of it all.

The man turned to the party and introduced himself as Lord Ferreth Fletchridge. He began by saying how skilled the party was for defending them against the criminals. He then offered them a business proposition in exchange for 50 Gold and then some. He asked the party to go to Red Canyon and collect some special crystal for him, up to 10 Gold for a single ounce. The party accepted, and was then approached by Tim. He was pale in his face, and had a message from Namfoodle telling him where his goat was.

His goat was located in the old Nocklin prison on 420 avenue, which was shut down because of how expensive the prison was. They went inside and found a record player waiting for them. When played it went into a speech from Namfoodle about how foolish it was to be obsessed with the goats. He also explained why he took his goat, telling him about the revolutionaries that are known as the Faceless. He told them he needed the goat so that he could join the ranks of Faceless. He finished off by telling him the goat was fine and was in cell 231. When found the goat had 4 new mechanical limbs. The goat was uneasy on them but had a new ability. If you press the goat down his legs will push back giving him a bounce effect. Ander found this very funny, and repeatedly pushed the goat down to watch him spring back several times.

The party then went to an inn in the city to prepare for the next day. Ander went down to the tavern and started off a trick, where he burned the hat off of a man without even singing his head. (He was bald to begin with though). After this he told the folk tale of the Infinite Road.

In the morning the party went to the doughnut shop known as “Orken O’s”. The party ordered 1 Gold’s worth of doughnuts (1 of them being the "Orken O’s specialty Severed Infant Head, a delicious jelly filled doughnut), and then set their sights on the railway. On the way to Red Canyon Zant decided to get on top of the train, to enjoy the wind. However he saw some bandit’s drilling something into the back caboose. Zant decided to do a tumble, and ended up making such a fool of himself that the bandit’s thought he was drunk. He then picked off one of them with his bow. The bandit’s quickly went into action attacking Zant with their pistols and running for cover inside the train. The gunshots brought the other’s along curious as to what the commotion was. Zant went charging down the train but fell off the side and was barely able to catch a side window. The bandit went inside the car and grabbed a hostage. Ander then went up and told the bandit that his safety was on, confused the bandit checked his pistol, only to be stabbed by a flying dagger from Darryl.

In the next car over the bandit had pushed a large, and heavy box over the back railing and was preparing to leap from the banister with a glider attached to his back. A crossbow bolt from Vernaux shocked the bandit and made him jump hastily, causing him to fall to the ground. But as the train rumbled on, he could see the bandit getting up in the distance.

Once they got to Red Canyon they took a stop in the tourist shop known as the Shaq. This small shop hold’s one of the most knowledgable people in the country about the Red Canyon. He is a small 4’9" human who is a very fast talker, and is an absolute enthusiast about the canyon. Once someone talks to him about the canyon, it is quite hard for him to stop. This kid’s name is Dean. His boss Cleve, runs the Shaq and keeps an eye on Dean. Dean told the party about the location of the Crystal Cavern, and about some of the locals in the area, particularly Edlara, the blue dragon. After this Ander had an argument about Cyclop’s laying eggs with Dean, and Dean barely knew what to say.

After receiving all of the information they need they hop into the canyon much to an officer’s discontent. As the officer is contemplating whether to chase them down or not Ander begins talking about collecting Cyclop’s Eggs. The guard is so surprised about it, that he doesn’t follow the party into the canyon.

Walking around the canyon they soon discovered some Cyclop’s tribes. However they were in the distance and choose not to bother the adventurers. They continued to walk until they came across a talking skull. It spoke a language none of them understood, and was soon thrown into the river for being annoying. Soon after this, 2 men in loincloth’s and wearing some skull masks came up to the party to shoo them away. They did not mean to harm anyone, just to scare. These men spoke the same language as the skull. Ander decided to befriend these men, and went up to one and said “Me Ander, You SkullMan” while pointing at himself, and at the man. The man repeated after him saying “A-a-under… Skull-mon”. After this exchange they went separate ways, already seeming to be friends.

Dusk came, and the party decided to march through the darkness rather than set up camp. The march continued and the night proved to be quite a scare. Vernaux’s plate armor could be heard throughout the canyon, and the Cyclop’s decided to come after them. The party heard booming noises as the Cyclops bounded across the landscape. However a bright flash of lightning shot through the air, killing all of the Cyclop’s in one brief strike. If you were looking at the origin of the strike, you would see a serpentine head that belonged to a behir. The behir then dragged its smoking prey away, through the dark of the night. The party didn’t move for a solid 5 minutes.

Morning arrived and the party finally got to the Crystal Cavern as marked on the map Dean gave them. Right before they went in though, a massive blue dragon known as Edlara landed before them. It asked the party some questions, especially pertaining to their stupidity for traveling through the night, and doing that while wearing plate armor. Darryl however offered her a gift of 50 Gold Pieces, and as a result of this, Edlara said she would hunt in the surrounding area driving off any creatures as a result of her presence. She then flew away. The party then turned to look at a dark cave, filled with glittering crystal’s.

Session 3
Crystals, Crystals, So Many Crystals

After the dragon Edlaura left the party cautiously ventured into the cave. They set up camp in one of the first corridors they found, and Zant set up a trip wire trap at the entrance to the cave. Tim went to go mining. The sounds of his pick could be heard ringing throughout the cave. An Earth Elemental came to investigate and found Tim with the crystals at his feet. At first it was confused, but it grew angry as this miniscule creature attempted to steal the crystals from its cave. Tim made a curse in Primadoral as the Elemental picked up Tim and went to throw him out. On the way out, Tim was able to cast Thunderwave off of the Earth Elemental’s side, and blast himself away from the Elemental. He was also attacked from behind by the party. The Earth Elemental retreated into the ground.

After this Tim went to go take a nap. He cast the Alarm spell to alert him if the elemental came near. After a few minutes Tim heard a ping in his ear. The Earth Elemental burst out of the ground attacking Zant first. Tim was able to shoot a Scorching Ray at the elemental and he had to retreat again.

Soon after Tim went out to explore the cave with Vernaux. He pulled out his pick, and began to mine again. The Earth Elemental sensed this and came in for another attack. He popped out of the ground and flung his fists at the tiny wizard. Tim threw up a Shield and was able to protect himself from the onslaught. Vernaux came from behind and attacked the Elemental. He retreated again taking a few more shots from the 2.

Traveling into another cavern the party found a crystal as tall as Tim. Tim was suspicious and threw a rock at it. The rock stuck to the crystal. It immediately transformed into it’s goo form and attacked the party. It was a mimic. They attacked the mimic ruthlessly killing it in seconds.

Meanwhile Ander was getting bored. He decided to blast the wall with the Firebolt cantrip over and over again, until something happened. The walls were made of sandstone and as a result had a lot of water trapped within them. The water molecules expanded and blew up the wall with explosive results throwing Ander back into the ground. Ander found some powderized crystal in the wall. He then got an idea.

Vernaux and Tim found another cavern and went into it. Inside they found the Earth Elemental sitting next to a crystal pile eating the crystal. They caught him off guard and attacked making him try to hastily defend the crystal. However before they defeated him, Tim stopped the fight as all the Elemental wanted to do was be left alone. They then heard a big boom in the far side of the cavern.

Ander stood there watching the rocks crumble from the wall. He had created a hole in the wall that led into the other parts of the cave. Ander had made a fire by the wall and had scorched it until the wall exploded. He then collected the crystals that were hidden within the walls.

Vernaux left to investigate the noise, as Tim talked with the Earth Elemental. The Earth Elemental understood his curse and talked to Tim to leave him alone. Tim was fascinated that it understood him, and asked him some questions about elemental’s in general. While he was doing this, the rest of the party conspired to kill the Elemental. Catching him off guard Zant, and Vernaux killed the Elemental. It looked over at Tim to say traitor, but saw a look of shock on his face. The Earth Elemental then dispersed to the elemental plane of earth, leaving behind a crystal.

The party gave their reasons for killing the Elemental, saying that it was too hostile, and would kill them while they were sleeping. They also wanted the big pile of crystals. Tim was saddened at the death of his new friend, and decided to keep the crystal as a reminder of what he once had. They slept in the cavern for a day and left.

On their way back the party found Skullmon and his tribe. Tim cast comprehend languages, and they were offered a feast in their honor. They accepted and went to the tribe. There they found a small tribe of 14 people, most of them being adult warriors. This tribe practiced necromancy but not in a bad way. They used the skeletons of their ancestors to help them in their hunting and daily tasks. For the feast, the tribe decided to hunt cyclops.

The tribe went out and observed a cyclops tribe from afar. They saw one separate from the group to do his business and the tribe moved in to attack. Ander cast Firebolt on the pile of manure causing the cyclops to be launched from the explosion. As this was happening Tim cast Phantasmal Force making the cyclops believe firebugs were attacking it. As it was distracted the tribe killed it. They then brought him the cyclop and had a feast. Tim prepared the meat, showing them the proper way to cook it. The tribe was instantly impressed.

The feast went well into the night, and the party slept away their troubles. In the morning as they prepared to leave they each got a bone trinket given to them by the tribe. Ander asked for something specific however.

They soon bid farewell to the tribe, and went on their journey out of the canyon. They soon got back to the Shaq and found a small crowd. In this crowd you could see people sparring with wooden dueling canes. Ander went straight into the shop to find Dean. He see’s Dean in the back of the shop looking at his maps again. He then drops a large object on the desk. Dean jumps up startled and turns around to find an egg on his desk. Ander then proclaims that he found a cyclops egg. Dean looks at him in shock, saying things about how this belongs to an indigenous species of bird, and it can’t possibly be a cyclops egg. He looks inside and sees a cyclops skeleton and is stunned by what he see’s. He quickly buys the egg from Ander and goes to his boss to show him. As soon as Ander ducks his head out you can hear him being scolded for buying such a obvious deception.

They quickly board the train after that and go to Silver Mesa City. There they find Lord Ferreth and go into his mansion. They find him in his lab where he is dressed in his lab coat and has some goggles on his head. He welcomes them in, and shows them around his lab. After showing them the lab he buys the crystal’s from them, and then offers them a room. The party accepts and spends the night there.

This session ended on 5/24.

Session 4
Attack of the Bears

After working with Fletchridge the party decided to stay with him for just a little while longer. Tim stayed at the mansion to work with Ferreth on his projects, while the others went to explore the city. John explored the city parks and even stayed the night there. Venaux visited the mercenary headquarters and Zant stayed back to develop bomb arrows. Ander decided to visit the doughnut shop, Orken O’s. While he was there he heard the civilians praising the group known as the Faceless Immortals. Curious he listened to the speech that one of the people in the shop gave about how they would change the city. He then got a flyer telling him where to go for a meeting.

Meanwhile while Venaux was visiting the mercenaries he was told about the Rutherson ball that would happen this week. He told the others about it, and the next day Ander had disappeared.

Ander had decided that they needed a musician at the Rutherson ball and went to go volunteer himself. When he got there he lied to the butler, saying he had an appointment at 2, and changed the clock to follow suit. The butler got Lord Rutherson and showed him the mysterious guest. Ander told Rutherson that he would love to be the musician at the next ball. After some convincing, and fiddling with the speakers, Rutherson decided that this would be a wonderful idea.

The next day the meeting for the faceless began. Ander made a disguise for himself in case he could be noticed. His disguise was useless, so he donned a bear costume. Vernaux went with a simple hood. The meeting was packed with about a hundred people in the lower city, by the speakers cliff. Soon after they arrived Ander got a lot of weird stares for his costume, but no one said anything. The crowd quieted down when someone climbed onto the podium. He wore a white mask with 2 slits for the eyes, and 2 dice where his mouth would be. He wore a untucked dress shirt, and had 2 bracers on his arms with more dice.

He began his speech lamenting the nobility, and their ability to govern. He talked of the attention that the peasants received, and vowed to bring change to the city. During his talk Ander decided to send a message to him. This made him pause, and he sent a message back to him. “Interrupt my speech again bear man and I will make you leave”. Ander decided it best to not send anymore messages. After his speech finished he handed out masks to them, telling them that change would soon be at hand. There were rumors of a second meeting tomorrow.

While this was happening John was caught by a cop in the park. The cop scolded him for being homeless, and then threw him out in the lower city. John was very unhappy with this, and then went to camp in Fletchridge’s yard. Fletchridge was confused but allowed him to camp.

The next day Vernaux, Ander, and Zant went to investigate the rumor of a second meeting. They split up and went to go find different things. Vernaux went to the speaker’s cliff, Zant explored the lower city, and Ander went to the upper city. Vernaux got the first clue which was a sign pointing to the abandoned Nocklin prison. He went in and got to go into the prison with the other initiates. They locked the door behind them and the person from before, known as bones, gave another speech, more scandalous than the first. They then began to train the recruits in the use of a spear.

While Zant was in the lower city he talked to a few people and figured out the location of the prison. He picked his way in, and found himself with 2 guards. When asked where his mask was he said he didn’t need one and decided to shoot the hat off of a guy in the area. He was arrested promptly, and thrown into a holding cell. He was able to taunt the guard into attacking him with the butt of his spear. Zant then grabbed the spear and attacked the guard with it, who then grabbed it back from him. While he was distracted, he pulled out a hidden blade and threw it at the guard, killing him with the strike. He then broke himself out.

Ander had been traveling the upper city until he found Lady Foxward holding the hand of a young boy, and her servant was running off. Ander meandered over to find out what was going on and found out the boy had stolen a watch from her. Ander asked to inspect the watch and pretended that the watch was actually very dangerous. He then placed it under a cup and blew it up. The lady was greatful that her life was saved but was angry against the boy. Ander took the boy down to the lower city. Before he let the boy loose he gave him a few gold, and asked where the faceless were having their meeting. He was directed to the prison. He then told the boy to find Mogabur and talk with him about the bear awareness flyers that he had sent throughout the city. He then got an idea.

While this was going on Vernaux was training a few people in the way of the spear. He overheard a conversation that was going on between Bones, and his ally Steel. They said something about the Rutherson ball and about Shadow doing something at the ball. That’s when something burst through the front door.

Ander had went and gathered 2 mercenaries and John, and had placed them in bear suits. He then went into the meeting saying that bears are important and shot at Bones who was standing in a doorway. Immediately Bones became furious and willed the walls itself to attack the bears. A whirlwind of dust, metal, rocks, and wood flew around them shredding the mercenaries and severely injuring Ander and John. At this moment Zant threw a dagger at Bones and broke the cheek off of his mask. He stopped the spell and went to kill Zant, even angrier than before. Vernaux tried to passively stop him (his position would be compromised otherwise) and was smacked in the face by Bones. He then went off to kill Zant.

Ander saw what was going on and shouted “You forgot about us!” And blasted him with a fire spell before ducking out. Bones turned to hunt down Ander. Before he could kill them Steel stopped him, saying that “now is not the time, cops will be coming soon”. Frustrated he electrocuted the mercenary corpse. He turned around saying “I at least have someone to kill”. During this Zant was able to climb up the wall behind him in order to escape and hide. Bones became frustrated again, and scorched the floor of the cell. They then left the building.

Ander and John soon showed up with a few cops to investigate the scene. The cops thought his idea was ludicrous but they said they would look into it. They were not very happy with Ander.

Later they told Fletchridge about what they were going to do at the Rutherson ball. He seemed worried, and told his butler that he changed his mind and said he needed to go. He then provided the party with letters of recommendation telling the announcer that they were allowed.

The day of the ball came, and the nobility found itself at the Rutherson’s mansion. It was a grand ball with lots of party goers, and great food. Fletchridge and the party decided to split up to watch the main nobility. While they were doing this the dancing began. Ander with a little help from Tim was able to play an incredible song, that moved a lot of the crowd to tears. Everyone found a dance partner, except for Zant, who got rejected by a drow women.. When Tim saw this, he tried his luck on the girl that Zant had tried to woo. Tim succeeded in getting a dance from her.

A sudden cry of alarm was heard from the back of the room. Lord Foxward was getting beaten up by someone. It was a girl who wore all black, and was very skilled with her hands. She drove the man to the ground, looked at him, and then 3 people in the crowd shot him with pistols. They broke out into a run, and the girl climbed to the roof. The party then gave chase.

Session 5
Friends are not always what they appear.

Today the hero’s began the session with a chase after the assassins who killed Lord Foxward. The assassins shot him 3 times in the gut, after a mysterious monk had attacked him. The adventurers began to chase off after the assassins, with the guns. Tim, Vernaux, and Zant, were the fastest ones to react, running down the hallways, to stop the killers. The killlers included 2 girls, and 1 man, all elves. As they were running through the hallway, they tried to slow the heroes by knocking down torches, and attacking servant girls in the hallways. These problems were quickly taken care of, so the assassins tried a more bold approach. As two of them sprinted away, the third turned around and shot a chandelier off of its cable. It came crashing down on them, causing them to duck out of the way. Before he could get away, Vernaux attempted to tackle the man who shot the chandelier. His attack missed by a few inches, causing him to fall prone on the ground. Zant saw a chandelier ahead and let loose a bomb arrow to slow them down. The chandelier came crashing down in front of them, causing them to jump out of the way. Tim teleported back onto his goat, and cast Catapult on his familiar Herbie. Herbie soared through the air to attack one of the culprits. He squealed as he flew through the air, but missed his target by less than a foot. He instead flew into glass shards from the chandelier making Tim have to dismiss Herbie.

They ran past the chandelier trying to get out the back doors where a car was waiting. Vernaux wasted no time, and attempted to tackle the guy again, this time succeeding. The two of them rolled through the glass exchanging punches. Meanwhile, Tim tried to slow their progress by casting an illusion of a giant sinkhole looming before them, and then pretended to summon a demon out of the illusion. This scared one of the girls to run away, and fire at Tim, while the other shot the illusion. She saw through it and began to sprint away. Before she could get too far though, Zant fired an arrow, and dropped her from afar. The guy that Vernaux was wrestling with, received a solid punch to the jaw, knocking him out cold. The last girl was almost able to escape, getting into the car. Zant however, fired another bomb arrow killing off the last girl in an explosion of fire. They were soon revealed to be changelings in disguise.

Nobles and police soon arrived on the scene. The nobles were aghast at the sight of dead bodies, and the police questioned the 3 out here. They were soon let go, the last changeling taken away in the cop car. They went over to the Fletchridge mansion and stayed the night. In the following morning, the media went crazy about the potential involvement of Spenstone, and Fletchridge in the assassination of Lord Foxward. Rumors spread like wildfire, and soon the entire city believed that one of these 2 had plotted the assassination of Foxward.

Out of the 2 Spenstone, was the one to gain the most from Foxwards death. Foxward controlled the canals, and Spenstone the ground trade routes. However Fletchridge had brought armed people to the party, who were not afraid to kill off the assassins. Could it have been a coverup in disguise? The remaining assassin refused to talk, and no information could be pried from him.

Fletchridge was bogged down with rumors so badly, he had his whole entire workforce focused on dissuading the rumors. He asked the adventurers if they would so kindly go down and help his workers with their jobs. All they had to do, was simple house repair and checkup. They went down into the lower city to help 3 people out with their problems.

The first was a orc who went by the name Paha. He was a suspicious man, who talked fast and was really clumsy. In fact, he was so clumsy, that when the party arrived, a cooking pot went flying through the window, followed by some curse words. Tim fixed his house with a few casts of the mending cantrip, and they were then offered some of his dirt infested stew. The party respectfully declined.

The next house belonged to a halfling named Kidell. She was a sweet little thing, her 2 hands barely being able to wrap around Vernaux’s fingers. After her house was fixed, she brewed the last of her coffee for the people who had helped her out. She was then offered 16 GP by Zant, and Vernaux. She declined saying it was too much. They then kept pushing the money back and forth, until the adventurers ran off without the money, leaving her there to keep it.

The last house on the list belonged to a man named Dezen. Dezen was a bit of a redneck, who needed a lot of things fixed in his house. He needed his stairs fixed, his roof fixed, his steps fixed, his window fixed, his stove fixed, and his hodgepodge motorcycle stopped working. The party helped him out, and he was truly grateful, saying things about how bright their flames must be! (Religious term for True Flame believers. It amounts to a “God bless your soul” type of thing).

They returned back to the mansion and heard about another Faceless meeting going on. It was another public meeting where the Faceless stood around speakers cliff. Bones stood up and gave a speech about how awful it was that an innocent noble was killed by the other savages that call themselves our leaders. He also spoke about how much this city needed reform, that in its current state, more atrocities would be committed.

A second meeting went on the next day in secret, at the Nocklin prison. They talked about how King Ostergard was going to give a speech about the death of Foxward, and how this was their chance to change the city. They had a plan where the main force of soldiers would go and commandeer a shop that is close to the park where he was giving the speech. Then 5 Faceless would go out into the crowd and would shoot off a gun, at a time in the speech when it would become offensive. The party heard about this and developed their own plan.

In the following day, the party would watch out for the 5 faceless that would be leaving the shop. They would then send out some mercenaries that Vernaux was friends with, to kill the 5 stealthily and prevent the gun from going off. All was going to plan, until one mercenary misplaced his knife, and allowed blood to squirt out of the Faceless. This began a panic throughout the crowd. The King did not notice because he has gone crazy with age, and was lost in his own world. He offended a lot of nobility because of that. The panic grew quickly and when officers came into the crowd, they attempted to stop everyone by shooting a gun into the air.

The Faceless emerged from the building dressed up in Spenstone’s colors. At this point all of the nobles began fighting each other with their armies. Vernaux joined Gardway and killed off all of the imposter Faceless soldiers. He then saw segments of the Gardway army traveling through the city to various mansions in the city. One of those mansions included Downstar.

As he dashed off towards Downstar mansion, with his group of friends, Zant was searching for Bones. He soon found him and fired a bomb arrow at him. This shocked Bones, but he set up a spell that prevented Zant from attacking him. He then saw the crowd running past and was able to convince that the time for change was now. He threw a rock at a window, and got other people to follow his lead starting a riot where he was. This was repeated by the other 3 main members of the Faceless, in other parts of the city.

Vernaux soon got to the mansion, but not as quickly as the enemy did. They were already inside slaughtering the few servants that were left. Vernaux wasted no time and cut his way through until he got to Requia’s room. He cut down the soldier, who almost attacked her, saving her life. He then ran off with her in his arms, towards the Fletchridge Mansion. Meanwhile Zant started to head back to the Fletchridge Mansion, after seeing a small group of Gardway soldiers heading back towards their mansion.

The Fletchridge mansion was being valiantly defended by Tim, Ander, and John. They were going to be overwhelmed soon, had Zant, and Vernaux not arrived in time. However the fighting was still fierce, and they were soon driven into the mansion. Fletchridge told them of a passage way that led down to the lower city. They ran into the passageway fighting off soldiers from their rear. It was hard work, and slow going, but Fletchridge and the party ran ahead to secure the back exit. If it wasn’t secured they would have been trapped. Running down the hallway they soon found a force that would be too large for them to handle. The enemy had found the gate and had broken through.

Fletchridge turned around and looked at the party. They were scarred and bloodied, with the wounds of their enemies and their own. The party looked back at Fletchridge determined that they would make it through, even though it was hopeless. Fletchridge turned back, cursed, and threw his hat onto the ground. His form soon changed into a long serpentine body, with huge wings, and a long tail. He grew several feet and developed scales all along his body. These scales shined a brilliant sheen of blue, and copper. He then ravaged the opposing force, destroying each one of the offending soldiers. He quickly turned back into his human form, rapier in his hand. He then went up to the party and told them in a furious whisper, to tell absolutely no one. He then went on ahead, to secure the gate.

The ragtag group soon found themselves at the northern edge of the lower city, the mesa top burning behind them. Their force was small, maybe 20 people at the most. Fletchridge turned to the party and told them “go back into the city and save who you can. We are going to need all of the allies we can get”.

Session 6
Farewell to a good friend.

Today the hero’s started off the session in the midst of conflict. Having just learned of the true nature of their ally Flethcridge, the party scrambled together and pulled out of the city, escaping Fletchridges mansion right before it was burned down. They knew they had little time to spare, so they ran back into the city to retrieve anyone they may have left behind.

Starting with John, we see him rush into the city to help the people of the city. Heroically defending them from the soldiers from Gardway, he did his best to help out anyone he could. He started by saving a wife and her baby, from the attack of one of these soldiers, and went to help another merchant after that. After giving a huge scar along the cheek of one of these soldiers he saw a group of people that looked very familiar to him. On closer inspection, John realized that these people were in fact the same ones that endured the lab experiments with him. They all had spikes sticking out of them, and were lifeless corpses that walked across the ground. They killed indiscriminately even though John knew these men to be good people. After watching them maul civilians, he saw a woman he hoped to never see again. A female draconic sorcerer named Miranda. Miranda soon noticed John and used mind control to convince him to kill some merchants for her. John ended up attacking the merchant he just saved, cutting him to the ground. He soon snapped out of it, and saved the woman, and her baby, and ran away from her as fast as he could.

Meanwhile Ander was running through the streets straight towards Orken O’s. He liked the shop they ran, and did not wish to see them die. On the way there he encountered Bones from the faceless defending a group of helpless civilians, from Gardway. He handed the group some healing potions, and gained Bones respect. He then rushed on to save Orken O’s. Once he got there he found a group of Gardway soldiers attacking the shop, with the occasional pot or pan, finding a soldiers head. Ander distracted the soldiers and was able to get the two people out of the shop safely. On his way back he found more of these spiked abominations from John’s past attacking others. A gold draconic sorcerer saw Ander, and mistook him for being Miranda. Ander bluffed his way through, and was told that he needed to cast bear’s endurance on the spiked monstrosities. However Ander accidentally petrified them. The gold sorcerer got angry at Ander and soon found out that Ander was not Miranda. Ander ran away from her, before she could do anything else.

At the same time, Vernaux decided to investigate the Gardway home, to find out what his family was doing there, that they were not supposed to. Some guards at the front gate told him no one was allowed inside. He found a secret way in, and went to a building that had recently become off-limits. Going inside he found several abominations of experiments all over the new lab. He saw torture tools, and scorch marks on the walls. Disgusting combinations of creatures and other things that should not be. Traveling his way through the lab he found a black draconic sorcerer who said he shouldn’t have wandered in here. She then cast blight on him, hurting him. Before she could do it again however, a new figure walked into the room. It was lord Gardway himself. He told her there was no need to kill his son. However after talking with Vernaux and learning that he would rather side with the enemy than with him, he asked her to kill him. Vernaux quickly threw a knife at her, shearing the top of her ear off. Running off the grounds, all he could hear behind him was bloody murder.

Tim ran through the city searching for a couple that came from Hwen, the Mapeen’s. He found them being attacked by more of these soldiers from Gardway and saw faceless soldiers defending them. He jumped into the fray in hopes of defending them but they were outnumbered and outgunned. Before they were overrun however, a strange clicking sound was heard as hundreds of robotic bugs came in and killed the remaining Gardway soldiers. It was Tim’s friend Namfoodle. After driving away the soldiers Namfoodle told Tim he should join the faceless, as what they were doing was right. Tim declined and said he would think about it. Namfoodle told him he would see him after the battle. They then went their separate ways.

Eventually everyone regrouped at the north side of the city, with Fletchridge. They prepared to head off towards Fletchridge’s lair in the north, but they were soon interrupted by Namfoodle again. Namfoodle brought soldiers along with him this time. He asked Tim if he had decided on joining the faceless. Tim ultimately said no, and Namfoodle looked hurt. He screamed at Tim, that they were supposed to be friends, and that friends would work with each other. He had a feverish look, and his eyes were filled with hate. The crazy gnome sent his army agains Tim, hoping to destroy him. The party fought valiantly, with them dropping his mechanical bugs by the dozen. However Namfoodle redoubled his efforts to kill Tim, and shot lightning bolts at the small gnome on the goat. It struck him through the chest and he fell off of his goat. A few seconds later, Tim passed away. Namfoodle pleased with his work, tried to fly off, but was captured by one of the Gardway mercenaries. The party killed Namfoodle in retribution for Tim’s death. On Namfoodle’s body they found some notes referring to something. “I am almost finished with it, and I am soo excited.” “This will be a work of art.” “I will surely rise up the ranks once I reveal it.” And so on and so forth. These letters were clearly the work of a madman.

The party found a small rowboat by the edge of the river bank they were fighting by. They laid Tim down, in his small sleeping bag and sent him off in the river, alighting it on fire. They paid their respects and moved north, away from the smoking city. The sky was red, and the heart was sad. No one talked for the rest of that day.

R.I.P. Tim


Session 7
A time for allies

Mourning the destruction of Silver Mesa, and the death of the beloved Tim, our adventurers set out north, headed towards a cave that belongs to our Great Dragon ally Fletchridge. Quiet and somber, they traveled a day without speaking to each other. Eventually someone broke the silence, and asked Fletchridge what they were going to do with all of the people they gathered together. Fletchridge told them he did not know. So the group continued the march northward, following the Gliman river northward. Soon they came close to the village of Hwen, and as they were deciding what to do with the villagers that came with them, Ander had a plan.

The remaining 4 members traveled to the village, along with Earl, Sara, and Sheriff Rickie. Once they got there, Ander found himself a high place to stand on, and told the villagers what had happened in Silver Mesa. He told them of a place up north where they would be safe, and would not be attacked by whoever took control of the government in Silver Mesa. John was to lead them to the cavern, while the other 3 would stay and confront whoever came for the village Hwen.

An hour later, the village was on its way, with John at the forefront. They bid farewell, and the other 3 began formulating a plan. They sat at the now abandoned tavern, and prepared themselves for the upcoming fight. Their original plan was to put their stuff underneath a boulder where they had fought the stirge a few weeks before. However digging a hole would take too much time so that plan was scratched. The next plan involved them hiding in the basement, and waiting for them to come down, and catching them by surprise. That plan left Zant vulnerable so it was scratched as well. They finally decided on luring the knights into the center of the city, and having Vernaux distract the majority of them, while Zant stays on the rooftops, and Ander would come from behind. Ander however would first go out and meet the soldiers pretending to be a traveling minstrel.

Ander soon hobbled down the road towards Silver Mesa, feigning being beaten and barely escaping with his life. He soon came across 2 caravans, and 6 knights marching up the road. These knights had the Gardway insignia on their breastplates. The knights stopped him, and asked him if he was ok. Ander then played a song for them, and his half broken lute, warning them of bandit’s up north. If he weren’t such a sorry sight they would have laughed at the song. One of the knights pitied him, and threw a gold piece his way, telling him to make himself comfortable at the next town. They then rode off straight towards Hwen. As soon as they were out of sight, Ander followed them from behind, just remaining out of eyeshot.

Eventually they came to the village, and saw that it was abandoned. All of the windows were smashed in, and a lone man stood there in dark plate armor, with 2 gleaming longswords in his hands. The knights set themselves up, in a formation of 3 lancers, and 3 crossbowmen. They warned him to drop his swords, but he did not reply to them. They soon charged and attempted to strike him with their lances. He effortlessly dodged the blows, while Zant came from above and blasted a knight off of his horse with a bomb arrow. Coming from behind Ander found the caravans unguarded.

The knight who fell off his horse, stood up and drew his sword. His companions wheeled around for another charge. The crossbowmen fired at Vernaux from behind, missing him by a few inches. They charged at him again, using the knight who fell on the ground as a distraction. The knights came closer to hitting this time, brushing the air around him. Vernaux then flipped his sword out, and tripped one of the horses, but lost his sword in the process.

Zant eyeing the battlefield, saw the knight who tumbled from his horse. He was quickly recovering and would be on his horse soon. Zant loosed a bomb arrow at him, and cooked him inside his armor. The knight slumped to the ground and was no more. Meanwhile Ander wanted to break into the caravans. He tried to quietly firebolt the lock, and ended up making a shrill screeching sound. A knight was sent back to investigate. Ander after realizing what he had done, flung a fireball at the group of knights with crossbows. They scattered for a moment, and then sent a knight back towards Ander.

Vernaux then drew a dagger to replace his fallen sword and challenged the remaining knight to battle. They dueled one on one, until the knight began to retreat for fear of his life. Vernaux turned to deal with the last knight who had recently been knocked from his horse. The knight who challenged Vernaux from behind was forced to endure a flurry of blows, and then witnessed his comrade’s helmet be penetrated by a bomb arrow. He soon ran away in fear. Only to be cut down by an arrow to the back.

The knight sent to investigate the wizard who had attacked them from behind, opened up the caravan door to see what was inside. Ander then lashed out with an enflamed dagger, attacking the knight. He jumped back surprised that the traveling minstrel had attacked them, he then proceeded to try and stab Ander. Ander barely wormed out of the way. Brought to desperate measures, Ander placed his palm in the man’s visor, and sent 5 Scorching Rays through the knights helmet. He slumped to the ground, with a hole in the back of his helmet.

The last knight remaining attempted to run, and was knocked unconscious by a sword. The caravan drivers ran away for their lives. When the knight came too, he had a foot in his chest, and a sword in his face. Vernaux revealed himself to be Gardway’s son, and told him why his father was a bad man. The knight promised not to fight for Gardway anymore, and ran off as soon as he was allowed. Inside the caravans they found some copper and silver, and large bags of wheat.

They traveled north with these new supplies and came across a Tielfling Village. When they got there they found a people that was sad, and beaten. People that had lived their lives shunned. Ander took pity on these people and offered them to join their traveling gang and go north where they could be safe. The Tielflings were not willing to go, saying that Elzenia would come for them. 4 came despite the warnings but soon after they became concerned with Elzenia as well. Ander consoled them, and they got back on track.

They then crossed the border into Sheotan, a seafaring country of the west. The first town they came across was Farpoint a town dedicated to collecting fish from the coast, and exporting it down the river to Silver Mesa. Ander went straight to the river docks and told a captain about the political unrest in the south. The captain, paid him a gold coin for his troubles and several more to keep him quiet. Ander almost told the other captains of the news, but kept his mouth shut. They then traveled north some more.

Passing out of Sheotan they crossed the border into Cynfael’s land. Cynfael is a vampire who conquered the lands here five years ago, overthrowing a weak, corrupt government, and replacing it with himself as the indisputable ruler. He put heavy taxes on the people and made the country much stronger as a result. However those taxes have not been levied since and the people are unhappy with the taxes.

The group found the cave on the map, hidden in one of the southern mountains on the Kragumir mountain range. They got there and the people cheered. They then opened up the caravans and the people there hungrily jumped upon the flour, bringing it out so they could cook it. Flethchridge was nowhere to be found however, and when asked a small halfling told them that he left, looking for where his treasure went. This halflings name is Alton.

Session 8
To the keep!

Upon arriving at Fletchridges cave they discovered that his treasure has been stolen. Fletchridge left to go and find other dragons that may have stolen his treasure. While he was gone the players had to deal with the logistics of the cave. Working towards making the cave a better place they added water ducts and other things to make this cave a more livable place.

A few days upon living in the cave, some ogres came along and decided that the people inside looked delicious. They stormed in, intending to eat the people, but the party quickly leapt to their feet and defended against the ogres. One after the other fell, until the last two ogres fought each other, because a spell was cast over one of them.

Zant upon scouting the area, soon discovered that the vampire by the name of Byron was holding the dragon’s treasure in his keep. It was heavily guarded and was hard to get into. So naturally the party tried to find a way in. Upon a long observation, Zant discovered a thirty second window when the guards will shift positions. Learning this advantage, he went to tell the party his discovery.

The party then travelled towards the keep, and got there by nightfall. They got in their places, and then heard Ander say he was going to make a distraction at the front. Too late to stop him, they sat by waiting for the distraction.

At the front of the keep, the guards heard a strange sound. Looking down from their battlements they then saw Ander playing the bagpipes. Confused they asked him who he was, and he said he was a traveling minstrel who wanted to play for the guards. The guards accepted and he played a fun tune for them, while the party snuck into the treasurery.

As they got near the treasurery, some guards on battlements overlooking the treasurery, looked to see what was going on. The first guard went down with a stake to the heart, and the second found an arrow lodge itself into his throat. Despite this, the party was soon discovered and had to fight their way through the treasurery getting the treasure.

Ander upon seeing this, and watching the guards leave to encounter the party, snuck inside the gate. Upon walking to the front door of the keep, it burst open and a large vampire, in full plate armor stepped out. Ander quickly assumed the role of surprise investigator, and went through the area tch-tching his fortress. He also helped bring some vampire spawn, back from paralyzation by removing stakes from their hearts.

Lord Byron then found the party and pulled out a greatsword, that then transformed into a sharp whip at the push of a button. Then after a long and drawn out battle, they defeated Byron, and brought the treasure home. When Fletchridge arrives home, he then says he has to fly off, and apologize to the other dragons. When he came home, he then told the party about the items that they collected, showing them the unique magical properties of the items. One of the items glows when undead are near, and this medallion started to glow.

Session 9

Investigating the source of the glowing medallion, they found a goblin hiding inside a set of bones. He was looking into the cave and saw a group of people he was not expecting to see. He then ran off, powering the skeleton to run, but was soon taken down by the flying bullet, that was Alton. He was hog tied, and then knocked unconscious.

When the goblin woke up, he was surrounded by all the commoners wearing animal masks and carrying pinata sticks. He tried to move and discovered he was being held up by a rope, like a pinata. He then got lowered a little bit and was told, that if he cooperated the animals wouldn’t get too beat him with their sticks.

After talking with the goblin they found out that all he wanted to do was find a new home, because his last home was overrun by Devil’s. He then talked about how the Devil’s wanted to set a staging point for attacking Silverbird or something. The party shocked by this turn of events went off to warn Silverbird. The goblin was then initiated into Ander’s cabal of sorcerers.

The party travelled across the mountainside intending to get to Silverbird as fast as possible. Upon arriving there, Alton chose to go to the monastery, while the others went to warn Lord Silverbird. Vernaux upon entering the city was greeted by several old friends, and was brought up to see Lord Silverbird quickly. The others went on their own ways.

Alton went up too Swisston Hall and met up with his old friend Bree, and they talked about several things. Alton mentioned how he would like to go on his quest for swisston hall, but he didn’t have his recommendation scroll yet. Bree told him he was too young, but it is good to want to do something no one has ever done before.

Meanwhile Vernaux spoke with Lord Silverbird about the potential attack that may happen on the city. Lord Silverbird was skeptical of this, due to some laws, and became even more skeptical when he was told this news came from a goblin. He requested to see the goblin, and Vernaux went to go look for him.

While this was happening Ander was traveling the city with his cabal of sorcerers and came across the wizards towers in the center of the city. It was 3 towers that soared through the air, and had bridges connecting the towers, in several different places. Ander went in to view the library, and to begin teaching his apprentices how to cast spells. They began to learn the basics, and sat in on a few lectures.

Zant explored the city, looking for different things to experience. It was an unexpected surprise when he ran into drow from the homeland. They recognized him, and told him that they were here to steal the main jewel of the city, and he should help them. He left not giving any indication on whether he would help them or not.

Alton then decided he would like to have a special ring crafted for him, and went to meet the wizards at the tower. He was admitted into the tower, and went up a sprawling staircase, that went higher, and higher, higher then what the tower seemed capable of. The secretary there with him, told him to keep an eye out for the door to the archmage. Going through, they eventually found it, as the doors in this tower constantly shift and change.

They walked in and Alton was greeted by a tall, and imposing female woman. She looked down at Alton, and asked why he was here. Alton got down on a knee and asked that the wizards of this academy craft a ring of telekinesis for him. He would pay them in gold, and be willing to wait for it’s completion. She told him the ring will take 1 week to craft, and he left.

Vernaux soon found Ander walking the streets of Silverbird and asked him where the goblin Boyle was. They went and grabbed him and took him too Lord Silverbird. After he told his story, Silverbird told Vernaux to get a group of soldiers and go investigate the cave where the goblin used to live. Vernaux gathered his mercenary friends and his allies, and Silverbird provided him with a few soldiers. They gathered at the city gate, and travelled south west to the goblins cave.

As they travelled through the mountains they marveled at the breathtaking views of the mountains on this clear spring day. The air was crisp, and the mountains rose high into the sky ahead and behind them. They came across a rock cropping that overlooked the mountains, and Alton declared that he would like this area to be the place of his tomb, when he died. He then got a stake and placed it in the plot land. They then moved on.

Arriving near the cave the men drew their swords, and they prepared themselves to enter the cave. They snuck in prepared to land the first strike against some devils, and found an empty room. The goblin ran in and cried over piles of bone dust in the room, saying they killed his friends. The others looked around the room, and found a hole in the ground that looked recent, and saw a tunnel leading towards Silverbird. Upon closer examination, they realized that there were footprints, hundreds of them heading towards Silverbird. Alton, and the soldiers immediately ran off down the tunnel, hoping to get there first.

Ander waited, and asked the goblin where some skeletons could be found. He said outside and they went to go find a new skeleton.

Vernaux, guessing that the tunnel may take longer to get there, choose to travel back over the mountains with his band of mercenaries, and see if they could get there faster.

Zant chose to go inside the hole in the ground and see what was going on. Going deeper and deeper into the cavern, he hit a point where the temperature shifted dramatically from mountainous cold, to furnace level of heat. Zant continued however, and found devil’s preparing siege engines. He launched a few bomb arrows at the siege engines, and ran off before they could catch him.

By the time they all arrived at the fighting it was too late. The devil’s had already assaulted the city, and they were winning. They had caught the inhabitants off guard, and had blown a hole in the side of one of the walls, where devil’s now began to pour in. Alton and the soldiers arrived from the back, and smashed into the side from inside the cave. They bore their way through the bearded devils, cutting one after the other trying to make it to the city.

Vernaux and his mercenaries came upon a mountain that overlooked the city, and saw smoke coming from the side closest to them. They rushed in, and tried to save the inhabitants. As they were running down the hill however a huge shape, flew right in front of them, with decaying black scales, and a hide stretched thin over it’s skeletal frame.

Alton Struck down a few devil’s and then decided it was better for him to run ahead, and go to inside the city to receive help. He ran past the devil’s using the ceilings and walls to his advantage, until he made it into the city. He then sprinted towards the wizards circle, leaping across rooftops and doing his best to make it there quickly. Unfortunately for him, a Bone Devil saw Alton, and decided who his next prey was.

Vernaux and his group then crashed into a side formation of the devil’s and saw the other group of soldiers inside the cave, trying their best to fight the horde. They pushed forward and saved the last few soldiers that were left, and cut off the reinforcements coming from the back.

Suddenly the skeleton of a Saber tooth tiger leaped over the devil’s and started tearing through them. On the back of it was a small goblin, a half elf sorcerer and a drow. The drow leapt off, and climbed the nearby wall in order to snipe some devil’s. The goblin and Ander ran deeper into the city, trying to find a cemetery with which to work with.

As they ran into the cemetery they were soon surrounded by a couple dozen devil’s, and Ander told Boyle that he needed to do something. Boyle stood on the back of the saber tooth, raised his hands to the sky, and skeletal hands soon popped out of the ground and started grabbing the ankles of all the devil’s. Satisfied, Ander turned the saber tooth to leave, but was then sighted by a Bone Devil. He cast Scorching Ray at it, intending to burn it, but the flames washed over the devil, dealing no damage. The devil smiled, and then charged after him. Ander then commanded the saber tooth to run.

Zant was sniping devil after devil, until finally another Bone devil targeted him. It climbed the wall, pulling bricks out, and other things so that he could get at Zant. Zant hid himself behind a wall, and prepared his daggers. When the thing showed his vicious face, Zant jumped off the wall and attacked the Bone Devil, dragging him off the wall, and they went tumbling through the air, 50 feet above the ground. They struggled for positioning, and Zant unfortunately was caught beneath the Bone Devil. He twisted himself out of the way to avoid breaking too many bones but he was hurt. The Bone Devil raised his barbed tail, and prepared to strike Zant.

Alton arrived at the towers, and ran inside looking for a telescope in order to get a closer look at the dracolich. He found one, and raised it to view the dracolich. What he saw surprised him, as there was a devil on the back of the dracolich. This devil had great wings on his back, and curling horns as big as a halfling is tall. Alton then realized that Fletchridge could solve this problem with the dracolich. He had a message sent to Fletchridge requesting him to come here. He then went to challenge the dracolich that was currently breathing acid upon one section of the city. He found a wizard who could cast fly and was off. However while he was doing all of this, the Bone Devil that followed him, started killing wizards in the circle, so Alton had to distract him first.

After cleaning up the devils that were left in the cave, Vernaux ran into the city, and started fighting even more devil’s. He came across his old friend Darvin, who was cleaving through devil’s one after the other, with his trusty battleaxe. They saw each other, and moved in to sync with each other, Vernaux’s blades flashing through the air, and the battleaxe making a wet smack here and there. Soon they were surrounded by bodies, and Darvin then told Vernaux “You still fight well Vernaux, but those were my kills”.

Ander was running away from the Bone Devil, doing his best to keep his distance from the monstrosity following him. He turned towards the wizards academy and barreled down the street, doing his best to hold onto the saber tooth. His sorcerer apprentices saw him running down the long street, and saw the Bone Devil slide out a side alleyway to come and attack him. The wizards rushed down, and all cast Magic Missile together aimed at the Bone Devil. Ander raced by, missiles of pure energy streaking past his face. The Bone Devil took the hits, and suffered a lot of damage, but came forward ready to kill them all.

A ferocious roar was heard throughout all of Silverbird. A grand silver and blue dragon flew into the battlefield and took on the dracolich with the devil on his back. It was an even match, the devil and the dracolich providing a tough challenge for Fletchridge. But a streaking blur of halfling soon evened the odds. Alton came out of no where and knocked the devil off the dracolich, leaving it alone to deal with Fletchridge. Fletchridge tore through the dracolich bones flying everywhere in the process. Alton was outmatched however, and was thrown into the wall, and the devil flew off, knowing the battle was lost. Alton was then saved by a red headed dwarf named Gamli.

The Stinger raced down from the Bone Devil aimed towards Zant’s heart, but was intercepted by a group of soldiers that saw them tumble down the wall. Zant backed away, and the soldiers spears soon pinned the Devil against the wall. The Devil in a last ditch effort, flung his barbed tail, aimed at Zant, but one of his old friends, the drow from the drow city, jumped in front of the barb, and took it in place of Zant. The Devil was subdued and the drow friend looked up at Zant, and told him to take the jewel back to his father with his other friend.

The Bone Devil chasing after Ander began to pick up speed as the Magic Missiles barely phased him. Ander prepared his spells, preparing to protect his friends with his dying breath, when suddenly a bone the size of a man, fell from the sky and pierced the Bone Devil through the back. Ander looked up, and saw Fletchridge finishing off the Dracolich. The Bone Devil snarled and thrashed but could not move. Ander then finished it off.

With the devil’s gone, and the city saved the Lord began to wonder why the devils had attacked in the first place. It still didn’t make sense to him, but he decided that he must send the adventurers off to find out.

Session 10
The Infernal Courts

Alton looked up from his bed seeing a blurred form in front of him, he asked where he was and was told in a dwarfish voice to keep still. He was then told that he was in the monk monastery Swisston, and was recovering from wounds that should have been fatal. His vision cleared and he saw a red headed dwarf there and Fletchridge. Fletchridge looked concerned, and was happy to see Alton awake. Alton then told him something. “Could you sign my degree of recomendation”?

The clean up of the city began, and repairs to the walls, and streets went into place. Bodies were brought to infirmaries and people were healed up. It was a long battle and over 600 men fell in combat that day. Most of the men who fell only took wounds that should not have been fatal or life threatening, but the wound festered and the men’s condition deteriorated by the day.

A week went by, and Silverbird slowly cleaned up. There was much work to be done, and everyone had something to do. Zant was nowhere to be found. Once Alton healed up, thanks to the efforts of Gamli, he then asked if he could be admitted to the monk monasteries inner circle, in order to receive his spiritual quest. The monks brought him in, and the doors shut behind him. The monks denied his quest as he was too young to experience the quest yet, and told him he needed to learn patience, and kindness. So they sent him on a quest of worthiness, where he would find out why the devil’s did as they did.

The party went with Alton, including Gamli, and they went back to the cave where Boyle used to live. Once they got there, they found the cavern sealed off, and had to chip their way through. To keep it quiet they used the silence spell where they were working.

10 hours of hard labor later they got in, and went into the chasm. They came out where they could see a small imp in front of them with it’s back turned to them. Ander decided to declare himself and them to the imp, and asked if they could go see his master. The imp nodded then flew off and told the entire cavern, which was full of devils, that there were intruders behind him. The entire cavern then charged up to kill them.

At this time Ander went and stood atop the cliff, and declared himself loudly in infernal “I am the destroyer of old, and I have come back to destroy all you hold dear”! He then began playing on his bagpipes the song of Rogar, and the entire cavern halted. They then began to run away in confusion and shouted things such as “Rogar is here”! “He’s going to destroy the caverns again”! And chaos ensued.

The horned devil appeared from his cavern to stop the chaos and saw Ander standing on the cliff. He shouted in infernal “You run away from a mere mortal? Cowards”! He then flew up to meet Ander and destroy him, however Ander calmly faced him, and said “You dare challenge Rogar, the Destroyer”! The devil halted, and observed that this mortal was indeed playing the song of Rogar. He then retreated as well.

Soon the entire cavern was emptied, and the party went down to investigate. As they did they found a small imp hiding from them. When found Alton threatened him, and then told him to gather information for him, so that he may live. Alton then went and hid himself with Gamli, and the rest of the party left the cavern, not wanting to deal with what was coming.

Soon, the devil’s came back, and found a tied up ram, still alive, hanging from the sealing, with the words on the wall written in blood “Rogar has returned”. They skirted around the ram and went into the cave to restore what was lost in the chaos. Alton overheard them talking to each other, and discovered they were talking about the horned devil from earlier. He then discovered that the horned devil was demoted for his actions. He then saw some chain devil’s carrying boulders to go seal up the cavern.

Alton jumped down and ran to get out of the cave, and Gamli followed him. Alton was fast enough to get out, but the chain devils caught Gamli and tied him up. Alton shouted “I’ll come back for you” and ran off to get help. The chain devils smiled, and said “At least we got someone to play with”.

Soon after Gamli was thrown into a cell and was confiscated of all his items. There wasn’t much he could do, and so he waited.

Alton told the others what happened and then bolted down the cavern. Vernaux followed, and Ander stayed. Ander began to pace, curious as to how he was to solve this problem when a Nothic came up behind him, and asked him what he was doing. Ander told him his predicament, and told the Nothic that he should help him. The Nothic looked into his mind and saw chaos and destruction, and quickly agreed, calling him “Master Rogar”. “Rogar” then promised him some dwarfs to eat if he saved this one dwarf.

Up above in the cavern Gamli heard a voice call down. He looked up and saw a one eyed creature staring down at him. This creature was telling him he knew a way out, and that he should follow him. Gamli told him he would only follow him, if he went and grabbed his gear. The Nothic mumbled about how stupid this was, and how stupid dwarves were, but went to find his gear. Soon after the Nothic left, the Chain Devil came, and locked the door. Soon after screaming could be heard from within.

Alton burst into the monastery doors telling them all what happened and how he needed help. 20 monks volunteered to help, and they all ran off towards the cavern in order to save Gamli.

Soon after arriving the monks burst through the resealed cavern again, and employed swarm tactics to take down devils. One after another fell, and they slowly went through the caverns, taking one after another down. Soon they came to a hallway, where a Pit Fiend stood at the end. He had a thousand lemures with him, and 2 ice devils and immediately set up a wall of fire and ice.

Alton then said “This is a huge misunderstanding. We came here for peace”. The devil’s immediately burst into laughter, the Pit Fiend stoic as ever. The Pit Fiend then said “It’s too late for peace”, and then shot a fireball off at them. The whole group then scattered and retreated.

The Nothic came back with the dwarves gear, and dropped it down. The Chain devil had to leave to defend the courts, so Gamli was left alone. When the Nothic showed up, he put his gear on, and followed him out of the hole, and brought Gamli back to Ander.


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