The Beast of the Shadow

When this world was created by the gods it was a peaceful and prosperous world. The gods created a rich and ever changing world, with many beautiful things. They loved the world and helped it to grow. They created the races of the world, fashioning them straight from their minds. They cultivated these new races and helped them grow into prosperous kingdoms.

The dark gods resented this, and were angry that the good gods could create realms, and creatures, and have fun with them. They were angry, and sought for the destruction of the world. They knew they couldn’t fight their brothers directly, so they created their own creation that some would describe as an unholy combination of a tarrasque and shadows. They then put this creature in a slumber, that would only be awoken by the gods leaving the world.

Many years later, the gods grew bored of this realm. They moved off in search of other things to distract them. The races, already split by skin, split their cultures, and then their alliances. Tensions were tight as the races vied for power. But the creature of old felt the disturbance of the gods leaving, and it awoke from it’s slumber.

The details of the fall of the world have been lost to myth and legend. But it is known that when the creature first appeared it razed the world. Men blasphemed the gods, because when they left, the darkness arrived. Cities that had stood the test of time, were gone in hours. Many described this creature as “The embodiment of Shadows” and would say that when it approached, it was more of a roiling wall of darkness, rather than a creature.

The Dwarves claimed that the City of the Mountain would never fall. Many believed them. It was a testament to the cautious nature of the dwarves. Built into the mountain itself, nothing could pierce the inner keep. This was the last beacon of hope in the razing. When the beast Daefuengor turned its eyes on the keep however, it too fell into disarray.

The world was plunged into chaos. This creature traveled the world destroying any settlements it could find. It plunged the world into shadow. After suffering from this for too long of a time the races united and came up with a plan to defeat Daefuengor. This plan involved using the 8 remaining elven archmages, to defeat Daefuengor through an ancient spell. The combined forces of the world lured Daefuengor into a valley with the archmages surrounding it. They started the spell and unfortunately, it noticed.

Many soldiers died in that battle, distracting Daefuengor, and defending the archmages. Daefuengor did its best to attack the archmages, killing most of them with shadow tendrils. Only one mage remained as the spell was completed. He saw Daefuengor’s shadow’s dissipate. He smiled, and then collapsed, dead from the exertion.

The world was safe from Daefuengor and as thanks the races elected the elves as the new kings, as it was their sacrifice, and their planning that saved the world. The eight elves who defeated Daefuengor are named after the eight months in the calendar.

Month 1: Venali
Month 2: Myrin
Month 3: Folmar
Month 4: Elaith
Month 5: Ilrune
Month 6: Lorsan
Month 7: Vander
Month 8: Ayred


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