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0: The Dragon Lords arrive at this plane of existence and sing The First Song. The world is created as each dragon sings in a new part of the world. The first races are created such as the giants, dragons, angels, and demons. In this highly volatile early world the 4 first races stake claims on their land and begin to side against one another. The Age of the Ancients begins.

1: The second races are created such as the elves, mind flayers, genasi, gnomes, and fairies. The Dragon Wars begin as the giants, dragons, angels and demons fight for their right to rule the world. These early races are quickly incorporated to help fight for their cause.

2: The third wave of races are created such as humans, hobgoblins, lizardfolk, dwarves and halflings. Due to the highly volatile nature of the plane, the dragons discover how to create Dragonborn and do so often at the cost of many human lives. The humans bred so fast however that the dragons saw no harm in doing this. Due to this new influx of powerful allies, the Dragons begin to gain the upper hand.

3: Most of the known creatures are created in this final wave of life. The lands are claimed, and the world begins to shift less. The angels have taken residence in the floating islands of the world, that have been infused with the power of The First Song. The Demons have taken to the Abyss a massive hole in the ground infused with the chaotic powers of the song. The Giants have taken most of the plains and tundras of the earth, while the Dragons have taken everywhere else.


5: The First Song ends, but the plane is still heavily infused with magic.

10: The Dragon Wars rage on with no apparent end in sight. At this moment in time all of the races are equal with each other.

25: The first Mortal appears, an elf named Falena under ownership of the dragon Tarkiren. She is able to escape from her slaver by turning invisible and sneaking out of the camp. Falena was also part of the first Mortal council that agreed to save mankind, by bringing the fight to the First races.

63: The escaped slaves and Mortals began to gather together in the Kragumir mountains, an area so cold that only the frost dragons could be found here. This first group met together with the Kragumen, otherwise known as the dwarves of the north the Duergar. Under their protection this first group of escaped slaves was able to make a life for themselves free from the influence of the First Races.

64: The first Mortal council is formed where these first Mortals agreed to use their powers to fight against the First races in order to save the rest of mankind. There were 9 Mortals at this first council who were Falena, Gaeleath, Ararluir, Kozela, Igmut, Kog, Felix, Kira, and Amelia.

-1,104: The Demons decided to take the offensive, and bring the fight to the others. In an instant the demons went from an unorganized force of chaos, to a force attacking from everywhere at once. The 3 first races were not expecting this sudden assault from the Demons and were unable to retaliate as well. The Demons were then able to expand from out of the abyss, and sweep across the land taking many new locations for themselves.

-1,113: After 99 years of fighting against the demon forces unsuccesfully, the Dragons and Angels met together in order to forge one of the first alliances between any of the First races. The leaders of each of these races met together at Mount Aehst, located in the Bronze Peaks. It took 3 months before they could set aside their differences, but eventually they were able to agree to fight the common enemy, that being the Demons.

-1,114: After the Dragon-Angel alliance is formed, the two races begin their war against the demons. The demons, despite their recent victories, are pushed back as the onslaught of the two races working together is too much even for their most powerful demons such as Demogorgon. They are pushed back to the Abyss and it is then sealed with the combined might of Angellic and Draconic magic. Now very few demons can escape the Abyss and doing so requires great magic and power.

-1,703: The battle at Waerham Citadel occurs, and the castle is overrun. However the Mortal Ivan stays and fights for weeks, killing all of the goblins that had attacked the citadel. It was at this point that Ivan became a Mortal.

23,059: The Juggernaut is formed at Winterspell. The warforged army is forged for the first time.

-33,235: The last of the slaves are freed from the dragon Delzyrm. The dragons are driven into hiding, and the Age of Mortals begins.

-43,783: A pair of scientist’s studying in the Pardwell fortress have made a huge breakthrough. In the research of the origin of magic they have discovered what makes magic work. However due to the discovery of this origin of magic a major backlash of magic occurs. This backlash while brief, taints the pool of magic. The Mortals who are all innately close to magic, are quickly driven insane by the corruption of magic. This is the end of the Age of Mortals, and the beginning of what became known as the Shattering.


-0: The Scorch of the earth begins as all magic users become insane from their spells.

-1: Most of civilization has collapsed and people go into hiding. Magic is dangerous and anyone caught using it is killed.

-5: The disputes between the Mortals dies down, and the Scorch functionally ends.

-10: Civilization begins to rebuild partially under Mortal rule.

-130: The Shattering of Magic has disappeared, and magic is similar to Pre-Shattering but never the same.

917: The Resistance Campaign

2,254: Battle of Dragoor

2,283: Winterspell Campaign, Tinder Campaign

2,284: The Warforged are forged once again

Timeline Arla

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