Gamli Zirak, Son of Glain, Son of Gloin

Dwarf Cleric smithy that uses the power of his deity to help others.


He uses the power of Dugmaren (the dwarven god of craft) to take down his foes. He also uses a war-hammer and shield. At times he uses the greataxe of his ancestors. He is very will-powered and hardy as a dwarf. (Wis. and Con.). He is also very intelligent at times having great knowledge of history and religion. He has recently got some special Adamantine armor and uses a shield for more defense.


Gamli as a small child lived in the dwarven stronghold of Damaldur folk. Realizing that he enjoyed smiting he took to the mines. The Mines of Tordek, just the beauty of it made him know he wanted to be a smith. For the next 20-30 years until he became a man. He then decided to travel the world to further his craft. As he traveled, he started to worship Dugmaren the god of craft (mostly found in dwarves). As he did he found that he gained new found powers. He decided to help others with these powers, but he helps others to help him (his craft), win-win. Now he has found an interest in adventuring, and uses these opportunity to get better at his craft.

Gamli Zirak, Son of Glain, Son of Gloin

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