The Banjo Brothers

The Banjo Brothers


“4 out of 5 stars-” Rouge Monthly
“The darn scariest group of hicks you ever dun did meat”-Con-try Folk Publimacation
“Doun dida doun dia dun da dun”- The Banjo Brothers Theme Song

The Banjo Brothers are know for their ruthless tactics and northeastern accents. Being based to the northeast, they have no know motivations or goals.


The Banjo Brothers fight with a mix of magic and weapons. Drawing energy from their county songs, they blast their way thru the law with powerful illusions and pitchforks / shotguns. They strike fast and then flee by way of the horse or on rare occasions by way of the tractor. They also have a fleet of swamp skiffs. They often are know to shout “The Banjo shall reign again” before they make an attack. After they are done toying with their prey, they then chase them down and eat the poor fools who went into their swamp.


Not much is know is about the people behind this group, but here is what is known


Billy is a master of the banjo, his skills are only rivaled by his skills on the jug

Billy Bob

Billy Bob is the munitions expert. If something goes boom in the swamp, it ain’t swamp gas

Billy Bob Joe

Billy is the leader, specializing in ALLLLL FORMS OF COMBAT (it says so on his resume)


Tommy is a cocky fool, who tricks others into doing his dirty work. Many presume he is the leader of this ragtag group.

The Banjo Brothers

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